I have created this website realizing that not many of us understand what really the Royal Psychic Disease – Schizophrenia is. What does a person experiencing this psychosis – „disease of the soul” feel? What happens „inside” an individual overwhelmed by a psychosis? What cannot be seen from the outside?

Many a time people do not even possess the minimum level of knowledge on Schizophrenia – a psychic disease. There are some people who out of curiosity (?) or due to an emotional relationship with Schizophrenia - affected person make attempts to probe into the person’s mysterious, psychotic world.

Others, unwilling to acquire any knowledge about this „disease of the soul” come in their manner of thinking close to old-fashioned stereotypes about mental diseases that still linger in the society’s awareness. The stereotypes which demand that we associate any individual overwhelmed by their psychotic experience with straightjackets and mental asylums overcrowded with psychotic „Napoleons” and „Pharaohs”.

These stereotypes do harm to patients who suffer from the „disease of the soul” and discriminate them with sneering smiles and the already symbolic „tap on the forehead gesture” in response to the words : schizophrenia, psychosis or a mental disease.

And the reality? What is schizophrenia? What is psychosis? What does an individual overwhelmed with the disease experience? Does it really hurt? And if so, then what actually hurts? Is it the „soul affected by the disease”?

I am ill, come to me – I shall share my thoughts with you ...